EU Type Mooring Chock

EU Type Mooring Chock

EU Type Mooring Chock

With the development of the shipbuilding industry, mooring chock products also improved by the Ministry of Development, which is suitable for all types of vessels berthing mooring.

Mooring chock products mainly include: DIN type mooring chock, Panama mooring chock, closed mooring chock, mooring type mooring chock, Spain mooring chock, single point mooring chock, etc., but also according to their shape into round mooring chock, oval mooring chock, square mooring chock, etc.

Mooring chock more insurance than steeper, because it is closed, so the cable will not jump. In order to avoid the wear performance of the cable and the hole, there is a circular rotation of early mooring chock, but the mooring chock rotating maintenance inconvenience, loss of function is easy to rust, but are rust easily lose function, instead replaced by the roller mooring chock, the situation has improved .

Hi-sea Group supply all kinds of mooring chock .Quality management and product strict according to IACS requirement. ABS,BV,LR,DNV etc approval

Surface: High corrosion-resistance , Mirror or Satin polished, Galvanized

Material: Stainless steel-AISI316 AISI304 ,alloy casting and carbon steel

Technics : Precision Cast

Shape: Oval/Circumference/circle

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Nominal Size(mm) Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
L L1 L2 H H1 H2 B
315x250 315 760 815 250 620 365 380 280
425x280 425 900 1075 280 785 450 500 378
600x315 600 1200 1360 315 865 507 560 598
600x450 600 1200 1360 450 1000 575 560 707
600x450 600 1370 1560 450 1200 675 760 1050
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