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DEUTZ marine diesel generator

DEUTZ marine diesel generator

DEUTZ marine diesel generator features:

1.Genset coupled with world famous DEUTZ marine diesel engine and STAMFORD, Leroysomer,MARATHON or Chinese brand alternator.

2.Genset power range from 25kw to 120kw, 1500r/min or 1800r/min.

3.Genset frequency 50hz or 60hz, voltage 400/230v.

4.Connected mode: 3phase 4wire, 0.8lagging

5.Brushless, Self-excited, IP23, insulation class H alternator

6.All qualified generator sets are subjected to a comprehensive performance test which includes 25% load, 50% load, 75% load, 100% load, 110% load and to check, verify that all control systems, alarm and shut-down protection.

24kw DEUTZ marine diesel generator.jpg

24kw DEUTZ marine diesel generator

100kw Deutz Marine Diesel Generator.jpg

100kw Deutz Marine Diesel Generator

50kw emergency Deutz Marine Diesel Generator.jpg

50kw emergency Deutz Marine Diesel Generator

DEUTZ marine diesel generator drawing.jpg

DEUTZ marine diesel generator drawing


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