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2.50m3/h Marine Oil Water Separator

2.50m3/h Marine Oil Water Separator

1. Main Technical Data for YWC-2.50 Marine Oil Water Separator:



Technical Specifications


Rated capacity(m3/h)


Oil content of the discharged water


Power of the electric heater(kw)


Electrical System

380V/50Hz/φ, 415V/50Hz/3φ, 440V/60Hz/3φ, 480V/60HZ/3φ, etc.

Power of the electric motor


Suction head


Pressure of the discharged water


Outline Dimension(L*W*H)(mm)




Weight (kg)

Dry Weight


Wet Weight


2. Materials, Spare parts and Technology.

1). The main body is made of Q235 carbon steel plate. Stainless steel is available if you like.

2). Select standard parts to be spare parts as far as possible, process the nonstandard parts according to spare parts drawing.

3). Sand blast and anticorrosion coat the pipe support, stand, main body and other spare parts.

4). Sand blast the device surface to reach Sa2.5 grade. The paint of internal wall which contacts with sewage is epoxy tar paint. The thickness of paint film is 0.25mm.

5). The requirements of components and lead wires in electric control box:

a. The main components select Schneider product.

b. Internal connecting lead: Wires for ships which are flame retardant, less smoke and halogen-free.

6). Protection grade: Control box IP44

Motor IP44

7). Insulation grade of motor: F

3. Centrifugal Pump with SS Housing.

This high quality pump comes with a TEFC motor and stainless steel housing and impeller. Close coupled design of the pumps saves space and simplifies maintenance and installation of these bilge oil water separator units. Stainless steel components on the liquid end provide high quality and corrosion resistance. Top centerline discharge and foot support under casing ensures self-venting and reduces misalignment from pipe loads. High operating efficiency lowers operating costs. High quality mechanical shaft seals and o-rings bring additional reliablility.

4. China Classification Society Type Approval and other certificates.

CCS, EC, GL, BV, USCG certificates are available, etc.



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