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High Temperature Power Station Valve

High Temperature Power Station Valve

High Temperature Power Station Valve:

1. Features:

(1). Good in sealing

(2). Self-press seal structure is adopted for valve intermediate chamber. The sealing performance is improving with the increase of the pressure inside the chamber. The two ends of the support pipe are butt-welded to suit different connections.
(3). Valve body and bonnet possess sufficient strength and rigidity. The ports allow free flow with low resistance.
(4). The sealing surface of valve disc and seat is formed by deposit welding Stellite cobalt base hard alloy. This kind of seal has high hardness and resists wearing, high temperature, corrosion and frictions. Thus, service life is quite long.
(5). The stem obtains good anti-corrosive and friction-resistant performance after tempering and surface nitriding.
(6). The depth of the bonnet stuffing box is reasonable. Corrosion inhibiter is added into the fillings to guarantee the sealing performance. The open and close actions perform stably.
(7). Upper sealing is designed for the valve to ensure there is no leakage from the stem via the valve starts opening.
(8). Electrical stop valve is opened and closed via electrical control system which includes motor, reducer, torque control device, operation mechanism, and manual/electrical changeover. Both local control and remote control are available.
2. Specification:

Nominal Diameter DN200
Nominal Pressure PN300
Material WCB
Drive Handle, Worm Gear, Electrical or Pneumatic Actuator
3. High Temperature Power Station Valve and Other Power Station Valves:

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4. High Temperature Power Station Valve Factory:

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5. High Temperature Power Station Valve Working:

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