21KN Hydraulic Fast Rescue Boat Davit

21KN Hydraulic Fast Rescue Boat Davit

21KN Hydraulic Fast Rescue Boat Davit Specifications:
1. The Max. working load: 21kN
2. The Max. hoisting load: 14kN
3. The Max. slewing load: 14kN
4. The slewing radius: 4m
5. The Max. slewing angle: ≤330°
6. Stored power slewing angle: ~110°
7. Max. wire capable: 40m
8. Hoisting speed of wire: ≥18m/min
9. Lowering speed of wire: 0~55m/min
Lowering speed-S=(0.4+0.02×H) (according to SOLAS )
Where, S = Lowering speed in m/sec
H = Height in meters from davit head to waterline at the lightest seagoing condition.
10. Slewing speed in stored power driven: 0.4~0.8 r/min
11. Slewing speed in electric power driven: ≥0.25 r/min
12. Type of stored power unit: NXQ2-F40/31.5-H
13. Size of wire: 18×19-16-1770.M.B.L.126kN
14. Total weight: ~3000 kg
15. Source: AC440V, 60Hz, 3P

------A complete set of Single arm slewing type davit
------A complete set of winch
------Pump system and spare parts
------Limit switch(IP56)
------Control box(IP56)
------Remote control push button box (with cable)(IP56)
------Protection box for remote control push button box (IP56)
------Operating plate for rescue boat/raft
------Spare parts of winch
------Electrical and hydraulic device and spare parts
------Automatic release hook with EC certification
------Base, foundation bolts and nuts
------Boat fall and all necessary rope

Scope of shipyard supply
------Cable on the deck
------Hydraulic oil (ISO VG46)
------Assembly (the davit is installed on offshore)
------Performing on-board test

1. Surface treatment: shot blasting Sa2.5 before primer painting.
2. 1st coat – Jotun Jotamastic 87 grey/Al item code 332ALUD5A and thinner to be use will be no.17
3. 2nd Primer coat – same as above
4. 3rd top coat – Hardtop XP canary yellow code 309 BS 381C,item code OVMBALDUA and thinner to be use will be no.10

All the measures above are indicative and can be tailored according to your requests.

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